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agony which continued for four hours and the catheter was
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theory of cortical origin referred to by Dr. Dana was sup
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attention but the number of cases reported is very small. We
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never be overlooked. This reaction indicates that the consti
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patient we accomplish more perfect drainage by piercing the
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Professor of Materia Medica in University College and Physician to University
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which was fortunately printed in full in the Times newspaper weekly
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cular surroundings. There are usually severe inflammatory symptoms
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has published eight cases in v.hich the above medicine has been followed by
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Wolff of Brownville Pelvic Peritonitis and Cellulitis by Mr. W. Keil
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for convenience as medical hygienic and disciplinary.
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healed. The pig and the cow may fulfil their mission with a stiff
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supported by the opinions of veterinary surgeons all legislative
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Chart showing Course of Temperature etc. during two attacks
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who are not in institutions. Thus another field of use
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respirations to completely change the air in the lungs. By this
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