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postural treatment in these labor complications. So too in Dr. Wright s
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City of Mexico almost encircled by the lofty Sierras which inclose beau
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mulate evidence for or against surgical interference.
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sarily establish the existence of glandular disease for they are present in
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rate work was an autobiography published since his death which has
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Cyst removed from a patient fet. This patient had ovariotomy
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infests a person at the time. The species is of rapid growth. According
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that anmy Mons. S dillot wrote in that American Surgery had
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persons a grating sound produced by the friction of the calculi may be
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country outside of its Capital and that in spite of the distinguished
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ping to consider in these relations the history of Medicine in the United
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technical arrangements are far from complete and though now
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inadequacy. Our patient happily appears to be unaffected in this
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connection with this subject I would refer to the report made by the
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of speech etc. Breathing on the whole is regular but now and
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Materia Medica and Therapeutics in the Cojlege of Virginia and re

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