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coma. In the preantiseptic days, Landouzy said that
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account indigestion has been mistaken for pleuro-pneumonia,
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losis develops almost exclusively on alkaline founda-
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overlying the centres for the upper extremity, and there was only a
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tone ; a little fine crepitation and some friction on forced
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neoplasm on the left cheek. The upper portion of this growth can now
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monitory senses have not been so carefully instituted and loca-
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many respectable Physicians and Surgeons were borne on tlie
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u But when a substance is used for its specific action on the diseased
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1897 a. — Salvatore Trinchese <^Monitore zool. ital., Firenze, v. 7 (2), feb., pp.
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In recent times more systematic attempts have been made in this
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Course, Duration, and Termination.— Nothing can be more ill-de-
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therapeutics and the significance of salvarsan, 296
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near the points from which blood is about to issue.
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The static machine is bulky and heavy, glass enters largely into its
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Pain. — Independently of the more common causes of pain in the ear —
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tional ; but a case which is not practically well at the
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disease to which I previously alluded, — namely, whether the symptoms
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utes largely to the breeding in and in still so common in both
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errors of refraction have been recognized as the main
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drunk anything." Yet these symptoms were so slight as to have excited
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will find it a rather singular one, and difficult of belief,
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ternal capsule which passes near them. An exception
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In other cases, the practical definition of destitution
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that the patient evinces, even sometimes in the very
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alcohol, but completely soluble in nitric or hydrochloric
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constant symptom, and is the main cause of complaint; it is general
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been slight or severe, we may see orchitis, which is so frequent that it may
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windpipe. The wound had been inflicted while deceased was lying in bed.
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proper articular apparatus of the sterno-clavicular
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^ For the recent literature compare : AUhauSt Influenza, Loudon, 1892, p. 299 et <eg.— Also :
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sity it must be uniform or practically so, in order to an intelligent
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changes, seeing that changes of like degree may occur without con-
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•evening kept the chorea almost completely in abeyance, and procured good
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right eye, diplopia, and poor vision. For one week he had had nocturia and
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onic hyperplastic type may account for development of anemia in
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in type from those in which a spontaneous relapse oc-

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