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Surgeons of the Pennsylvania Hospital published a very creditable case
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ill it rendering it a constitutional and contagious disease and its nature
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very foundation of cholera precautious. It seems only under
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D Baimj read his Dissertation on Peripheral Neuritis. After
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surface is smooth the peritoneal investment unaltered and the margins
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flush with skin now. SOth. Is walking better now than he was
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from without. They are various but the most common are the carciuo
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somewhat less so in chronic nephritis. The diuretic effects of
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has been able to confirm Flint s theory. The condition is more suitably
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Journal of the Medical Sciences for October. In this paper Prof.
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especially at this juncture when attention is so widely directed to
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memory for certain words dizziness and a bizzing in his head.
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When the stomach is habituated to milk and partially reinstated in
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were not examined it was vith difficulty that permission was obtained to
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first become aware of its presence by the accidental discovery of segments
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a work on the Elements of Botany with some references of a desultory
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tice of Midwifery by Dr. Charles D. Meigs published in it was
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to justify their publication and to support them in a state of comparative
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tain but it probably continues a dozen years or more.
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tion and thus preventing the proper conversion of the albuminoids by
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soner almost pultaceous and may take the form of the canal through
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very unsatisfactory state of the British merchant navy with regard
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of this increase as showing the progress of native literature we raust
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Sir Douglas Galton in concluding says The object of this book is
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aches and disturbed sleep are complained of but it is of interest
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currents and perhaps also in part directly migrate to their destination
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The thin walls of the excretory ducts are formed of connective tissue
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It fulfils several important purposes in the first place it emulsifies the
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and still somewhat soil the shape will represent the form of the common
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Dr. John Rhea Barton then one of the surgeons of the Pennsylvania

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