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Dr Einhorn states he. cit. as will be seen above that he can

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M.I. Professor of Ophthalmology and Otology in the Chicago Medical Colloge

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means of a thin and easily broken layer of mud formed on the

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interest especially in view of the importance of its shape in refer

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ration. The sclerosis originating in this way is distinguished from true

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tudes moved to the lowlands and became consumptive were apparently

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applies it also to Written speech and differentiates seven equivalent

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men. These must devote themselves in times of peace to the study of

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The trichina was first distinctly noticed in the muscles of the human

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considerable part of that formed. When the common duct is the seat of

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Tbe parts are secured in their proper situation and

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lower part of his back and down his left side. About four months

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possibly from the medulla or cerebellum which passing usually

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actually supposed they had discovered worms in the brain and gave to

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doses and the metallic tonics so called may be useful carefully admin

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the liver structure in cirrhosis with destruction of many of the portal

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knowledfije. His devotion to his profession rapidly advanced him to the

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Britain. With the writings of these distinguished authors the Profession

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opinion correct that the primary event is the entrance of the poison into

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aneurismal disease was found after death on the day following the opera

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Friedreich s disease is essentially not a disease of the brain but

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and its surface covered with the thinnest possible film of lymphy exuda

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attack of ureemic amblyopia or forms but a prelude to more

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Before discussing the question of how this patient became

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number of impermeable glands promotes rapid emaciation and exhaus

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numerous capable medical officers. As for actual pronounced scurv y so

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tive interference. In not a few cases for example of scrofulous

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paraphasia. In this variety of aphasia there is neither on the one

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In his address on Surgery before the British Medical Association in

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animals into the circulation of the healthy and has obtained

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tlirough which a sound could be passed. Immediately in front of

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